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Your Guide To Recycling Green Waste

Sep 08, 2017
Many Australians are still lagging behind the efforts of other countries’ commitment to responsible recycling, which is very important and typically easy to do once you start choosing to do it as part of your everyday routine.

Size Matters When Choosing The Right Skip

Aug 23, 2017
Save your constant trips to and from the tip and eliminate the landfill fees by hiring a skip from a waste management company that will end up costing you less time and money. So, how do you decide the right size skip for your project? By understanding the basic volume of measurement required per project, you will know exactly what size bin to hire.

Baw Baw Booked Hard Waste Collection Service

Aug 18, 2017
WM Waste Management Services are now providing a booked hard waste collection service to the residents of Baw Baw Shire. To book a collection or to find out more about the service.

Illegally Dumping? It Could Cost You Big Time

Aug 15, 2017
Illegal dumping is costing the government more and more money each year and is have a growing negative impact on the environment. Besides the cost to tax payers for these unnecessary clean-ups, the waste caused by illegal dumping can affect the health of the population as well as cause severe damage to the environment.

Why Your Waste Removal Company Needs To Be Above Board

Aug 06, 2017
Waste disposal companies throughout Australia have ethical and legal obligations to provide their services in such a way that they lessen the impact of waste on the environment, through recycling, proper waste storage and transportation regulation.
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