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With so many different options for hire, it’s important you select the one that best suits your waste removal needs. Figuring out what can go in your rubbish skips is the first important step.

Providing unrivalled service in rubbish skip and bin hire in Melbourne since 1985, WM supply our range of products and services to suit all manner of waste removal and rubbish removal needs. 


What can go in bin

How WM Waste Management can help you

By offering unrivaled choice in rubbish skip and bin hire Melbourne – from Skip Bin hire to large walk in bin hire – WM Waste Management allows effective solid waste management and recycling that is specifically targeted to each client’s varied needs.


Waste removal services we supply include:

Rubbish Hire: drop off and collection of rubbish skips.
Skip Bin Hire for Any Size Need: our rubbish skips range in size from 2-23 cubic metres.
Lower Rates on Concrete and Soil: reduced rates for the individual waste removal of 100% concrete or 100% clean soil.
Walk In Skip Hire: also known as “Roller Bins”, walk in bins are readily available for hire.
Solid Waste Management: from green waste to concrete, soil and green waste, WM recycle all forms of hard waste.
Knox Transfer Facility: to improve solid waste management, WM established the fully-operational “Knox Transfer Station” – a one-stop recycling facility and recycled goods shop.


What Can go in your Bin?

All bins are subject to the following:

Do not load these items into any of the bins under any circumstances:

  • Food waste
  • Medical waste
  • Asbestos – house build prior to 1990 predominantly used asbestos in eaves and in wet areas.
  • Chemicals, paint, oils, liquid waste
  • Solar panels
  • Tree stumps 

We accept the following items at an additional charge:

  • Mattresses
  • BBQ gas bottles
  • Car and 4WD tyres

Bin & Waste Types

WM supply different types of bins for different purposes. To make selecting the right bin for you, the different waste types and bin sizes are outlined below:

Light Waste Bins - Bin sizes available – 2m3 to 30m3


Mixed Light Waste: 


Waste accepted: Wood, plaster, metal, general household furniture, cardboard, garden waste, tiles, whitegoods.


Waste NOT accepted: Bricks, concrete, soil, clay.


Green Waste:


Waste accepted: Garden waste including tree clippings, flowers, grass and weeds, branches, leaves and bark.


Waste NOT accepted: Tree stumps, treated & painted timber, manufactured timber—ply, MDF, etc. pallets, dirt and clay, pebbles, rocks, cement, bricks, blackberries, plastic, food and general waste.


Heavy Waste Bins - Bin sizes available – 2m3 to 9m3


Mixed Heave Waste: 


Waste accepted:  Unlimited except those items listed above under the heading ‘All bins are subject to the following’.


Waste NOT accepted: Items listed above under the heading ‘All bins are subject to the following’.




Waste accepted: 100% concrete (reinforced steel included), concrete roof tiles and pavers.


Waste NOT accepted:  Cement sheeting and any other waste.


Brick Rubble: 


Waste accepted:  Concrete (reinforced steel included), concrete roof tiles, pavers and bricks.


Waste NOT accepted:  Cement sheeting and any other waste.




Waste accepted: 100% dirt, soil and clay.


Waste NOT accepted: Any other waste.


Builders Waste:


Waste accepted: Wood, plaster, metal, bricks, concrete, general household furniture, cardboard, green waste, tiles, whitegoods.


Waste NOT accepted: STRICTLY – No dirt, soil or clay. Any other waste.

To save money, reduced rates apply for the individual removal of materials containing 100% concrete or 100% clean dirt and soil.


For additional enquiries, or more information on waste removal and solid waste management, as well as the best ‘Walk In’ bins and Skip Bin hire Melbourne has to offer, Call Us on 1300 770 593 *(1300 770 593)*


What can you put in a skip bin?

You can dispose of general household waste, including furniture, appliances, and other common items. Construction and renovation materials such as bricks, concrete, timber, and tiles are also welcome. Additionally, green waste, such as branches and garden clippings, can be placed in our skip bins. 

Can you put mattresses in skip bins?

Yes. At WM Waste, we do accept mattresses in our skip bins. Disposing of a mattress responsibly is important for environmental reasons, and placing it in a skip bin ensures it is handled appropriately. When loading a mattress into the skip bin, it's advised to inform our team during the booking process so that we can make the necessary arrangements for its proper disposal. 

What can you not put in a skip bin?

While we accept a wide range of materials in our skip bins, there are certain items that are strictly prohibited for disposal due to safety and environmental reasons. Prohibited items include hazardous materials such as asbestos, chemicals, paints, solvents, and pesticides. Additionally, electronic waste (e-waste), car batteries, tyres, and gas cylinders should not be placed in skip bins. Other restricted items typically include liquids, food waste, and medical waste. 

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