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Melbourne’s Leading Rubbish Removal Company

Dating back all the way from our doors opening in 1985, WM Waste Management Services has been providing friendly customer service coupled with the most efficient rubbish removal and bin services in Melbourne’s eastern and south-eastern suburbs.

Today, we take pride in offering our customers a stress-free rubbish removal process, from the moment you contact us, until the last item is loaded up for recycling or disposal.

WM provides a wide range of various skips for hire for the collection of many different types of materials including wood, plaster, tiles, bricks, scrap metal, appliances, furniture, household perishables, concrete and soil.

The household rubbish removal service that we provide to each and every one of our customers is nothing short of first class, which is precisely why we are the trusted waste collection company throughout the eastern and southeastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Why is rubbish removal important?

As a rubbish removal company in Melbourne, we truly care about the impact that we as humans have on the environment. For this reason, WM Waste Management Services has policies in place regarding the environment and recycling.

This ensures that the beauty that is the Dandenong Ranges is never compromised, and is even enriched. We truly believe in our slogan and what it stands for: “We care, so we recycle”. We strive to recycle as much rubbish that we collect as possible, therefore lowering the amount of landfill throughout Victoria.

Our dedicated recycling facility, the Knox Transfer Station, is the final destination after your rubbish removal service is complete. Here, you hard rubbish and waste is fully recycled, piece by piece, as we extract valuable materials from within. We recycle as much material as possible, sending the material onward for processing as new items.

Walk in bins and skip rental services

In regards to our bin and skip hire service, we cover everything from start to finish, including clearance and loading, recycling, and ultimate disposal of all different kinds of waste wherever it may be on the premises.

As an example, if you have an abundance of green or garden waste you’d like removed, our company will make sure that all runoff debris such as branches, leaves, and twigs are all cleared away and taken with us.

While in the past it was quite a headache to organise rubbish removal in the eastern suburbs, you will now find the whole process a great deal simpler and more straightforward. Get rid of refuse from your home or office space in an incredibly inexpensive and easy way, and call us today to book our service.

Working with local councils throughout Melbourne’s eastern and south eastern suburbs, we make sure all of the rubbish happens in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Organise Melbourne rubbish removal today

For effective rubbish removal or the most reliable skip and rubbish bin hire company in Melbourne, speak to us today. Otherwise, for our complete collection of skip and walk in bins for hire, please visit our ‘How to Order’ page or contact us on 1300 969 278 (1300 WMWASTE).


Does WM Waste deal with furniture rubbish removal?

Absolutely. WM Waste provides comprehensive furniture rubbish removal services. Whether you have old furniture, broken pieces, or items you no longer need, we can efficiently handle the removal process for you. Our goal is to help you dispose of furniture waste responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner. If you have specific furniture items or quantities in mind, feel free to provide details, and we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

What is involved in the rubbish removal process?

WM Waste's rubbish removal process is designed for convenience and efficiency. Simply fill in our online quote system with details about the type and quantity of rubbish you need removed. Once approved, we'll schedule a convenient time for removal. On the scheduled day, our experienced team will arrive with the necessary equipment, load the rubbish, and transport it to appropriate disposal or recycling facilities. 

Are there any types of rubbish WM Waste cannot remove?

While WM Waste can handle a wide range of rubbish removal needs, there are certain types of hazardous materials and items that we cannot accept for removal. Examples include asbestos, chemicals, biohazardous waste, and explosives. These materials require specialised handling and disposal methods that fall outside the scope of our regular services.  


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Because we are situated in Boronia, in Victoria’s South Eastern suburbs, pricing for our services is dependent on the distance we will need to travel to drop off and collect the rubbish skips. Enter your postcode at booking for a quote!
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