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Mattress collection and recycling

Melbourne’s efficient and eco-friendly mattress removal specialists

Think you’re ready for a new mattress? WM Waste Management Services will collect all of your old and unwanted mattresses, bed frames and soft furnishings (such as couches and sofas) from any suburb in Melbourne.
While we do remove mattresses, we don’t allow them in our skip bins. Instead, we’ll pick up your mattresses separately. You see, we’ve built a wonderful partnership with Victoria’s biggest mattress recyclers, KTS Recycling. Once we’ve picked up your mattress and other soft furnishings, we’ll take them straight to the nearest KTS facility.

To have your mattress collected, simply fill in the quick form at the bottom of this page.

If you’re capable of transporting your mattresses yourself, we recommend taking them directly to KTS Recycling’s drop-off centres in Coldstream, Wantirna South, Wesburn or Skye.

How many mattresses can you pick up in one go?

We can collect up to 10 mattresses and/or soft furnishings in one go. If you have a larger pick-up, please call us at (03) 9721 1915, and we will organise your mattress removal.

Can you remove other hard waste at the same time?

In order to clear your space as quickly as possible, we will try to book your mattress removal at the same time as your hard rubbish collection.

Do you provide ongoing mattress removal services?

Yes, we do. While individual residences typically replace their end-of-life mattresses every decade or so, there are plenty of facilities and businesses that require more frequent pick-ups. 

We provide mattress removal services for all Melbourne homes and businesses

  • Residential houses
  • Council estates
  • Inpatient facilities
  • Charities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Retails stores
  • Recycling centres

Do you collect and recycle mattresses in my suburb?

We almost certainly do. Check out the areas we service to confirm that we remove unwanted mattresses in your suburb. We service the entire Melbourne metropolitan area, from the manors of Toorak to the beach houses of the Mornington Peninsula to the gorgeous homes of the Yarra Ranges.

How do KTS recycle old mattresses?

KTS shreds and manually dismantles mattresses down to their component parts and materials, collecting the foam, wood and steel springs. These components can be refined and recycled into new products for various industries.

We partnered with KTS because they’re an accredited member of the Australian Bedding Stewardship Council (ASBC), a not-for-profit established to support mattress recycling and reduce landfill waste. They’ve impressed us with their dedication to environmentally responsible collection, and we’re proud to help support their recycling process.

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