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Why You Should Recycle Your Mattress Properly

Oct 27, 2017

Try to wrap your mind around this fact: every day 50,000 mattresses end up in landfills in America. Let’s try not to follow that trend. Let’s all help Australia lead the way as being the most responsible citizens on earth for mattress removal.

In case you’ve ever wondered what happens to your old mattress, here are some facts that may alarm you. Let’s first look at why you should recycle your mattress, and then let’s take a look at how you can recycle it, as well as some other creative options.


Mattresses left in landfills take up space. For example, if 20,000 mattresses are thrown into a landfill, each mattress takes up about two-square metres of space – this equates to 40,000+ square metres of rubbish.

Mattresses emit poisonous gases into the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide and methane gas. This is particularly harmful to our vegetation, while it also contributes to land pollution. The chemicals they release can end up in water supplies, which can be harmful to our natural environments.


There are many recycling companies all over Australia that will gladly recycle your mattresses and will follow the recycling process accordingly.

Did you know that the average mattress can be recycled to be made of a useful new product? What’s more, did you know that 90% of your mattress’s materials used to make the mattress can be repurposed effectively?

Once you’ve contacted your closest mattress recycling facility, you can rest peacefully on your new mattress knowing that you’ve done your bit for the planet. Examples of what your old mattress can produce: wood for fire, vehicle matting/material, yarn, textiles, carpets and much more!


If you are the creative type, there are heaps of uses for an old discarded mattress for you to consider. Here are a few ideas: you can turn your used mattress into a porch sofa. You can pad it nicely to make it your dog’s dream bed. We’ve even seen one used as a unique wine rack! True story.

When you go to bed tonight, just remember that your mattress has the power to benefit the world, as well as the power to destroy it.

If you need more information about recycling your mattress, contact the mattress recycling experts now, WM Waste, on 1300 969 278.

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