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Attention, Coffee Lovers! Ever Wondered What To Do With Your Empty Coffee Cup?

Oct 10, 2017

Not many things can come close to the joy of a nice cup of coffee first thing in the morning. But have any of you wondered what happens to that cardboard cup once you’ve had your last sip? Where does it go? Is there a way to recycle it?

Research presented by well-known journalist and activist, Alison Potter, explains how there are an estimated three billion cups of coffee sold every year in Australia – and the scary part is that most of them are never recycled, which means they end up piling up in our landfills, trickling down into our rivers and parks.

So what can you do?

1. Try the reusable cup

Instead of using a new plastic or cardboard cup every morning, why not bring along your own reusable cup. This small difference can have a huge impact on the area in which you live.

2. Forget the lid

If you are still adamant on having your cup and drink it too, then do this one thing: walk away without the lid. That little lid will last several minutes with you, but will potentially remain in a landfill for longer than your life.

3. Sit down

Why not sit down and drink from a mug? Instead of being in a rush all the time, you can actually benefit by sitting, thinking and relaxing – as well as knowing you aren’t contributing to the decay of this beautiful planet.

4. Encourage others

Imagine if every person you see in just one day of your life thought exactly as you think about recycling? Imagine what impact this large group of citizens would have on our planet? It just takes one person to make a huge difference.

Imagine the impact we’d be able to have if even just a small number of Melburnians implemented these strategies, let alone the majority of the city.

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