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The 5 Most Common Mistakes People Make With Skips!

Sep 27, 2017

If you need to get rid of rubbish, the easiest and most efficient way to do so is to hire a skip from a reputable waste management service in Melbourne. They will deliver the skip and fetch it when you are finished. It couldn’t be simpler…yet so many people make the same mistakes when choosing a skip, which is why you will find below a handy list of the five most common mistakes people make when selecting a skip bin.

1. Size

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make because they misjudge the amount of waste they will be expelling from their home or office. There are various skip sizes available, and it’s always better to go bigger than end up having to hire another skip, wasting more of your time and money.

2. Waste

Another mistake you want to avoid is not knowing beforehand what type of waste you will be filling in the skip. Construction material or other heavy waste products will require stronger skips to handle the load. Also, if it is just recycled materials then a green garden skip will work just fine. Be sure to inform your provider.

3. Overfilling

Waste management in Melbourne is very strict and comes with rigorous regulations about what you put in the bin and if you overfill it. Because of these rules and weight restrictions while travelling, ensure your bins are not overfilled or the provider will be forced to leave the remaining waste on your property.

4. Recycle

Most waste management companies in Melbourne offer different types of skips to suit your waste. It is important that residents are aware of what is recyclable so that they can include these materials (e.g. grass cuttings, twigs, leaves, branches and other foliage) in the one skip and other household waste in the other.

5. Cost

It is important to shop around before you hire the first waste management service you find, because prices differ, as well as specials certain companies offer. Find the right quote that suits your budget and the right company that is more convenient to your needs. Some companies also have special deals that include a seven-day option for a reduced rental price.

When you want to hire a skip for any project, you will now be aware of the mistakes to avoid. Consider these tips before hiring a skip from a waste management service company. If you want to know more about skip options or have any other queries, contact WM Waste on 1300 969 278.

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