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How To Avoid Australian Landfill Overflow: Better Quality Recycling

May 29, 2018
China’s recent move to stop importing mixed recyclable rubbish means that Australians are sitting on way too much waste. With local demand for recycling their waste, councils have been forced to process more materials and in order for China to accept them, they must be of high quality.

What Hard Waste You Can Put Out

May 11, 2018
Were you aware that hard waste items such as tyres, household garbage, recyclable goods, car batteries and motor oil can have damaging effects on our environment?

Where Does Australia Rank For Recycling Efforts And What Can We Learn?

May 03, 2018
In general, Australia has improved in the area of recycling greatly in the past decade, now recycling over 50% of household garbage. This means that at least half of our population is actively recycling, whilst there are opportunities for growth with the remaining half.

How To Combat And Avoid Illegal Dumping

Apr 24, 2018
Did you know that litter and street cleaning among local councils in Victoria costs the government on average almost $80 million every year? This begs the question: if people stopped littering and dumping illegally, how much more could our local government do with that money for education, healthcare and so on?

How Your Green Waste Can Actually Affect The Environment

Apr 13, 2018
Your garden waste, which is classified as green waste, can have the potential to become hazardous to the environment. It may be difficult to believe that natural products such as your “green” materials can cause litter, but it accounts for much land damage, especially when landfills are being dumped with such materials.
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