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What Green Waste You Can And Can’t Dispose Of

When giving your garden a trim, you might be tempted to toss all your waste in one bin. After all, it’s all green waste, right? Even though green waste consists of organic materials, not all of it will degrade in time. Green waste should be biodegradable, like food...

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Top Tips To Reduce The Amount Of Waste You Produce

The earth doesn’t have an infinite amount of inhabitable space on it. As time has passed, more and more land has been dedicated to waste disposal. With the population and need for land showing no signs of slowing down, it’s become evident that we need to find another...

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The Different Odours That Come From Your Rubbish

If you’ve ever travelled past a landfill site or a composting facility, it’s impossible not to notice the nasty odours emitting from them. It’s hard to believe that usually, pleasant-smelling things like apples, flowers and even water can create such a stench. Even in...

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Could Your Small Business Benefit From A Skip Bin?

Proper waste disposal management is not only good for the environment but has advantages for businesses as well. While you might think this benefit only applies to large companies processing tons of waste on a daily basis, it has advantages for small-scale operations...

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7 Ways To Reduce Waste This Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebrations and gift giving – of decorating Christmas trees, eating merrily and painstakingly wrapping gifts. It’s also a time of excessive consumption, with researchers determining that during this time we use and discard more single use and...

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How Contamination is Affecting Recycling Efforts

It’s imperative that everyone tries to recycle as much as possible. According to the Australia National Waste Report in 2014-15, 60% of the total waste we produced was recycled. While this might seem like a high number, it isn’t enough. One of the main problems facing...

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We at Grass Solutions have used WM Waste Services for several years and have always found them to be helpful, efficient and very professional with their service and always competitive on price. Would not hesitate to recommend them

Grass Solutions

We have used WM waste 5 times this year for mixed house hold waste. They are very reasonably priced - always on time and it is quick and easy to book. I'd recommend to anyone.

Clare C

Amazing customer service! Fast and efficient! I would highly recommend them. Thank you so much.

Paul Dell'Atte

Would recommend! Professional office staff and drivers. Got my bin on time and everyone was helpful! Thanks guys

Nathan Arnold

Used them a couple of times now, competitive rates, reliable and helpful staff.

Mark Run
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