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The amount of food that is thrown out every year in Australia is staggering – according to Sustainability Victoria, around 250,000 tonnes of food is thrown out every year in Victoria alone. Remarkably, this is enough waste to fill the Eureka Tower.

This means that not only are resources that could help feed others going to waste, but that food-related waste is becoming a serious problem in our country. Luckily, there is something you can do to help curb the spread of food waste, which we’ll highlight here:

Prevention is better than cure

When it comes to food waste, one of the most prominent causes is the fact that too much food is prepared for a single meal, which is then thrown away. If you are constantly throwing away food because your portion sizes are too large, try to implement the following steps:

  • Only cook what you need

The best way to keep food waste to a minimum is by ensuring that you only cook the food that you and/or your family will need for the given meal. If you are struggling to find an effective way to portion your food, you can always consult the Government’s Eat for Health initiative.

  • Start composting

If it seems that no matter what you do, you are still left with uneaten food after your meals, you can always start a compost heap to help create a sustainable way to deal with waste. Composting will help reduce your load on landfills and give you a great way to naturally enrich your garden’s soil. Who knows, maybe you can even use composting as a way to grow your own food.

Less food waste means less packaging waste

Another unfortunate consequence of food waste is the fact that a large amount of food packaging, which often consists of plastic, ends up in our country’s already overburdened landfills. One of the best ways to help reduce this is by buying food packaged in biodegradable packaging, or ensuring the packaging gets recycled.

One of the most effective ways of reducing your food waste accumulation is to reduce the amount of products you buy in the first place – only buy what you need, and try to use everything you bought.

If you have any other questions about methods of sustainable food waste recycling or where you can recycle food packaging, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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