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Secure document & e-waste destruction

Sensitive business or personal documents often need to be kept for a period of time under various legislative statutes in Victoria. Once this period has lapsed, you may want to free up archive space for other uses.

This is where secure waste destruction comes in.

WM Waste Management provide secure destruction of sensitive documents and e-waste. Get rid of archives you no longer need and create space — get in touch with our team for confidential waste destruction in Melbourne.

Secure archive and e-waste destruction

There are many types of sensitive and confidential information that you collect while running a business. Whether it’s business planning and forecasting, intellectual property, or client and customer information, you’ll need to ensure secure destruction of sensitive data and information when it’s no longer needed.

All businesses must comply with privacy legislation, and WM Waste Management can help you do that with secure destruction of unneeded archives.

WM Waste Management is a licensed facility and will ensure that all confidential and sensitive data is destroyed, in alignment with government legislation.

We can provide secure waste destruction for documents, including one-off document destruction or an on-going service.

How much does secure waste destruction cost?

The cost of secure waste destruction depends on the type of waste, the volume that needs destroying, and your location.

You can contact our staff for a quote based on your specific secure waste requirements.

What types of items are suitable for secure disposal?

We can securely dispose of paper documents and e-waste containing sensitive information. E-waste includes any items that require electricity from a power source or battery.

Some of the items we accept for secure destruction include:

  • Computers and laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Hard drives
  • Microfiche
  • Paper archives
  • CDs
  • Memory cards
  • Uniforms and garments

If you need secure waste removal the friendly staff at WM Waste Management can help you find the best solution.

Why does secure waste destruction matter?

The Australian Privacy Principles hold businesses to a high standard to protect individuals personal information. An organisation must irretrievably destroy or de-identify personal information once it is no longer needed.

Simply erasing data from a computer or hard drive doesn’t prevent it from being recovered later. Destroying e-waste containing sensitive data is the only way it is irrecoverable.

For printed documents, disposal through a garbage or recycling collection service isn’t sufficient under the Australian Privacy Principles. Hard copy documents containing personal information must be destroyed by pulping, burning, pulverising or shredding.

The consequences of not correctly handling private, confidential, sensitive or classified information can be devastating for businesses and individuals. To prevent such a situation from arising, it pays to securely destroy sensitive documents and data using a licensed service provider.

Who needs secure waste destruction?

Under the Australian Privacy Principles and other legislation, almost every business will need secure waste destruction at some point during their operations. Even digital businesses’ regularly collect customer identifiers in an electronic format.

Medical practices and allied health professionals may have x-rays and other scans in addition to hard copy patient records. Law firms and other consultancies may have hard copy and digital documents containing sensitive client details and personal identifiers. Schools will have records containing student and parent contact information that will need to be secure destruction after a certain period has lapsed.

Manufacturing industries and other businesses may have intellectual property information that requires protection. Even sole traders are likely to keep records that include personal identifiers for their customer base.

No matter which industry you are in, you are likely to need a secure waste destruction service.

Secure waste destruction isn’t only for businesses. As a private individual, you may not want to risk selling old electrical items. Confidential waste destruction ensures that your personal information, such as identifying information and credit card numbers, is destroyed permanently.

How do I book secure waste removal?

There are three ways to book secure waste removal with WM Waste Management:

  • Call us on 1300 260 877 to discuss your secure waste collection.
  • Email to get a quote and place an order.
  • Send us a message through our online portal with any questions about secure waste collection and destruction.

Our friendly staff will answer your questions and make the arrangements for the secure destruction of protected information and documents.

What happens to secure waste after removal?

Confidential waste is taken to a secure facility and sorted for destruction. Our staff all have police clearance and are committed to the safe destruction of your data.

Once the process is complete, you’ll be provided with a certificate of destruction for your own records.

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