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If you’re committed to truly caring for the environment in all areas of your life, then there are things you could implement both at home and at the office.

Does it pain you to see someone litter or toss away a plastic water bottle without the least bit of concern regarding recycling?What can you do to change behaviour?

Try these three tips that might just help your family, friends and colleagues join your efforts in saving the planet.

  • Encourage action

It might seem obvious… because it is. Explaining and encouraging why people should recycle and the effects of their efforts can go a long way to changing their attitude towards recycling. For example, you could ask your boss to use a waste management company the next time the office needs to get rid of a large amount of hard waste such as computers, desks or filing cabinets.

  • Small becomes big

Studies have shown that when people are asked to make a change, donate something or even buy something, it’s best to start small with them and make it an easy thing to do. People who can adapt to something small will more likely be willing to grow in the campaign bit-by-bit until they become absolutely sold.What can you do? Place a small recycling bin next to the common one. Make it easy. Don’t be too pushy or preachy.

  • Substitute without major change

People don’t always like change, so similar to our previous point; there are things you could potentially substitute instead of change altogether. Think about coffee cups. Instead of buying plastic or polystyrene cups, ask your boss whether you can utilise re-usable mugs. Or instead of buying brand new paper or stationery, you could organise to get recycled supplies instead. Compromise without major change can go a long way.

As you can see, there are effective ways to maintain your passion for recycling and encourage others to help keep our country clean and pollution-free. Use these tips and see if they make a difference at home or in the office. Feel free to get in touch with us and share your experience or clever tips, or call us on 1800 014 416 for any other information about waste removal or recycling solution.

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