WM Waste Management Services

At WM, we pride ourselves in making your life easier by effectively providing solid waste management services.

WM is an Australian owned and operated business serving the region from Boronia, in Victoria’s south eastern suburbs. Established in 1985, WM has provided an invaluable recycling and solid waste management services to the local community for well over two decades.

Our full line of services includes facilities to recycle goods including scrap metal, glass, cans, paper, plastics and wood. In conjunction with Knox council, WM has established the fully-operational Knox Transfer Station that improves the effective trash management capabilities of the local area by providing a one-stop recycling and recycled goods facility.

All solid waste is collected in rubbish bins ranging in size from household rubbish bins to industrial dumpsters which are provided by our rubbish bin hire and rubbish skip hire services. The solid waste is then taken to the recycling facility ensuring that the natural beauty of the surrounding area is taken care of and reducing Victorian landfill.

WM is Victoria’s best waste management services company who endeavour continuously to provide the most cost effective and convenient service to take care of a variety of solid materials.

For effective waste services, Contact Us. Alternatively, for the full range of skip bins hire and ‘Walk In’ bins for hire, visit the ‘How to Order’ page, send us an email or call one of our friendly customer service staff on 1300 969 278 (1300 WMWASTE) Remember Our Name, Remember Our Number.