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WM Waste Turns 35

Jan 15, 2020
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It all started in 1985 with a father and son, and one garbage truck.

From here, William and Mark Jeffs would start a company that would eventually have over 100 people employed, over 60 vehicles on the road and have contracts with 27 councils across Victoria and southern New South Wales.

From Humble Beginnings

Now the sole owner of the business, I spoke to Mark Jeffs about what 35 years in the waste industry has meant to him:

“It’s hard to believe this all started in 1985 from such small beginnings. It started with my father and I and one truck, now it’s turned into this amazing company”.

“We have prided ourselves over the years on being a true local business, and though we collect waste as far as Southern New South Wales, we still have the mindset of supporting our local communities and businesses”.

“We are always looking for ways to give back to the community, whether it be through sponsorship’s of local sporting clubs, or even finding ways to reduce our environmental impact.”

 A Nature of Innovation

We probed a little further and asked Mark why he believe WM Waste has been so strong for 35 years.

“It’s been in our nature to innovate within the industry” Mark said.

“We have always been looking for a better way of collecting waste, and no strategy has been more important than our strategy to reduce our environmental impact. For example, in 1988 we were the first hard waste collector to de-gas fridges collected from hard waste, in 2008 we implemented the use of electric/diesel hybrid collection trucks to reduce emissions, and then in 2018 we went even further and had the first 100% fully electric hard waste collection vehicle on the road in Australia.”

“To take things even one step further, we set up our own hard waste sorting facility, Knox Transfer Station in 2007, where we could take hard waste from council collections and know 100% how the materials were being recovered & recycled”

The Future

Now that the business has been strong for 35 years, we ask Mark what’s next?

“I am so grateful we have been in operation for 35 years. We are looking forward to the future and seeing how we can keep innovating within the industry and servicing our community as well as we possibly can”

 More Information

For more information on WM Waste, visit our ‘about us’ page on the website.

Alternatively, visit our YouTube Channel for some great content

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