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Size Matters When Choosing The Right Skip

Aug 23, 2017

Save your constant trips to and from the tip and eliminate the landfill fees by hiring a skip from a waste management company that will end up costing you less time and money.

So, how do you decide the right size skip for your project? By understanding the basic volume of measurement required per project, you will know exactly what size bin to hire.

Let’s break it down project by project:

  • Kitchen

If you think of your kitchen right now, you will have a pretty rough idea of all the cabinets you’ll want to toss, as well as the counter-tops. If you can imagine filling the volume of a small car with all that material then you might consider opting for the 4.5 cubic metre skip. If you imagine the small car overflowing, then perhaps the safer option would be a 6-cubic metre skip.

  • Bathroom

This depends on the type of renovation you’ll be undertaking. If you intend on stripping the bathroom entirely, which will include the small cabinets and all the bathroom tiles, then we would suggest a 2-cubic metre skip—or to be on the safe side, request the 4.5-cubic metre skip.

  • Bedroom

A large-sized skip may be needed in this instance. Of course, it depends on what you’re keeping and what you’re not. A king-sized bed will take up a lot of space, for example. Also, all the cabinets and the miscellaneous bedroom trinkets such as chairs or the dressing-table might be included in your removal plans. We suggest a 10-cubic metre skip for this job.

  • Garage clean-up

Years and years of storage, never wanting to tackle the heap of possessions, must come to an end one day. If that day is today, then you might want to consider a 4.5 or 6-cubic metre skip. It depends how bad a hoarder you are!

  • Garden

When you think of your refuse bags, imagine that you could fill 20 of those…the size skip you will need for 20 bags is roughly a 2-cubic metre skip. So, it depends on the type of clean-up you’ve planned. You may need more than 20bags. If so, then perhaps a 4.5-cubic metre skip may cover any of your anxieties about the right size to choose.

Now that you have a better idea of the right size to request, you can confidently get in touch with WM Waste on 1300 WMWASTE or 1300 969 278.

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