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Renovating Your Home? Here’s Your Guide To Choosing The Right Skip Size

Feb 19, 2018

Renovating your home comes with a lot of costs and planning. Paying for the renovation material is just the core of the costs, but you’ll also need to consider the labour and transport costs as well.

Hiring a skip should be on your list and is a good place to start before renovation commences. You should consider what size skip you will need, because a skip big enough for a bathroom-only renovation, will not be the same as the skip size needed when renovating the whole house.

Here’s a handy guide that should help you choose the right-sized skip for your project:


First off, you will have to consider how much waste will come from your renovation. Is it just the floor tiling, the shower tiling or is it the entire bathroom? Try work this out in your head and see how much waste it will likely be.

For a large bathroom, you will be safe with a 4m cubic metre skip.

Three Bedroom House Re-Carpeting

Usually, when removing the carpet in one room, you will do it for all the other rooms as well. Those huge carpets that go from one corner to another need a lot of skip space and tend to be heavy.

Each room will need about 2 cubic metres of skip space; so a three-bedroom house will need roughly three times that amount = 6m skip bin.

Kitchen Renovations

Your kitchen renovations primarily depend on the amount and size of the cabinets that you have. Picture a small car; if they make up the size of that, then you’re looking at about 4.5 cubic metres worth of skip space. If it seems a bit bigger than the small car, picture a bigger car which is between 6 to 8 cubic metres instead.

Garage Clear Out

Garages are often the most cluttered places in the house. Renovating the garage can also be a good way of getting rid of anything you no longer use that has been piling up over the years.

Getting all of that out, one wheelie at a time, will be very time-consuming. A 4m skip is roughly equivalent to 25 wheelies, and should be a good indicator of the skip size you will need.

New Garden

The size of the garden will be the deciding factor of just how much skip space you need in this situation. Consider the old plants that must come out, the excess soil, old garden decorations and more. Since this kind of material is easily movable using bin bags, a 2 metre skip carries approximately 20 bin bags.

It’s always difficult to estimate the amount of waste you will accumulate during renovations, so it is important to always go bigger when in doubt.

If you’d like some assistance choosing the right size bin for your upcoming renovation, feel free to contact our helpful team or get a quote online anytime.

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