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New Waste Laws Make It Illegal To Sell Scrap For Cash

Aug 02, 2017

The Victorian Government has recently introduced new laws aimed at reducing car theft. More specifically, the law bans the sale of scrap metal for cash, which is one of the methods that car thieves use to receive gains from stealing.

As soon as the new laws come into effect, businesses will be banned from generating or receiving cash payments for vehicles. The laws also state that the relevant businesses may not trade in unidentified vehicles, and will be required to keep records of all transactions regarding scrap metal. Businesses who do not comply with these new regulations can face fines of up to $31,000.

The laws also give Victoria Police the legal power to search second-hand dealers’ places of business and storage facilities without a warrant, ensuring that current wrongdoers are brought to justice. Police officers will also be able to lawfully enter certain parts of residential premises used for storage or business purposes, but still have to apply for a warrant if they want to search particular premises.

To make these laws more enforceable, funding will be made available to implement automatic number plate recognition technology (ANPR) for the highway patrol fleet. This technology can scan up to 2,500 number plates every hour, which will give law enforcement the ability to check for stolen vehicles and drivers with outstanding warrants at a much more efficient rate.

These laws have been proposed to cut down on crime, and legitimate businesses will be given the opportunity to work with the Government and law enforcement to ensure that they can be implemented fairly, without impacting the lawful activities of the scrap industry.

If you are unsure about your current waste and scrap disposal needs, or if you want to make sure that you dispose of your waste or scrap in a lawful and responsible manner, contact WM Waste today. We pride ourselves on providing ethical and lawful disposal services to all our clients and are ready to help you.

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