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Did You Know You Could Get Rewarded For Recycling?

Jan 17, 2018

Imagine being rewarded for recycling! Now it’s a reality, thanks to Melbourne’s waste management program that incentivises Melbournians to go green.

The City of Melbourne has begun a campaign for local residents to start helping to clean up the litter with increased recycling efforts. This is a first-ever in Victoria in which the program, called GreenMoney, will be launched to see how well residents in Melbourne react to a reward-driven recycling program.

This program will begin with 15,000 households around Melbourne. The councillor of one of the areas said that this was a way to educate residents and to bring about awareness of the importance of recycling.

What will residents get out of this?

  • As a general guide, 100 points earned equates to about $10 in savings.
  • Points can be redeemed at various places such as:
    • Participating retailers
    • Restaurants
    • Cinemas
    • Local attractions, including the Melbourne SeaLife Aquarium.

Moreover, residents will feel better about themselves because they are always looking for ways to be “more green” – and this is the best (and most lucrative) way to join in the fight against overfilling our landfills.

Other options to help

  • Go on Facebook and get your friends to help you join in this campaign, and earn more points
  • Ask your neighbours to get involved – keep them updated and compare notes
  • Hire a bin (skip) from a reputable waste management company in Melbourne – they come in various sizes and most of the companies will come to you. It’s easy and it will make your efforts simpler.

Why this is important to you

  • According to the Metropoli­tan Waste and Resource Recovery Group,
    8 million of the 10 million tonnes of garbage Melbournians create every year goes to the landfill.
  • Five of the 21 active landfills in Melbourne are expected to close by 2020 because they are just too full.
  • If no changes are made this year, then it is expected that an additional one million tonnes of extra waste will be needed to be landfilled.

As you can tell, this is not a waste of your time. It is important to get involved and start thinking more consciously about the world around you. We strongly suggest that you consider hiring a waste management company in Melbourne to manage your waste effectively and with ease.

For more information, contact us on 1300 969 278 today!

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