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Illegally Dumping? It Could Cost You Big Time

Aug 15, 2017

Illegal dumping is costing the government more and more money each year and is have a growing negative impact on the environment. Besides the cost to tax payers for these unnecessary clean-ups, the waste caused by illegal dumping can affect the health of the population as well as cause severe damage to the environment.

So to avoid any unnecessary penalties, here are some things you need to know:

What is illegal, exactly?

Illegal dumping is classified as the dumping of waste larger than litter in public or private areas. This includes road sides, illegal landfills and water. If committed without the consent of the Council or the EPA, it can constitute illegal dumping.

What are the penalties?

It depends on the State in which you reside. Here’s a breakdown of the penalties from State to State.

  • VIC:    Fines of up to $610,700 or seven years imprisonment for an individual, and more than $1.2 million for a corporation.
  • NSA:  Fines up to $1 million or seven years imprisonment.
  • WA:    Fines up to $62,500
  • QLD:  Fines up to $117,800 for volumes over 2500 litres.
  • SA:     Fines up to $500,000 or four years imprisonment; up to $2 million for corporate entities.

What’s the solution?

To keep Australia beautiful and clean, and to avoid hefty fines and possible imprisonment, the solution given by the Australian Government includes the following:

  • Consider advertising your waste products on sites such as gumtree or eBay, because what may be waste for you may be treasure for someone else.
  • Find out where your nearest waste disposal facility is. Often the Council provides free tipping vouchers.
  • Contact recycling organisations near you.

What’s an even better solution?

If you don’t have the time to do all the research the Government has suggested, and you need to remove your rubbish quickly and effectively, then why not hire a professional company to manage it all for you. Waste management companies offer a wide range of skips to help you remove all the waste you’ve been wanting to get rid of for a while. Eliminate the hassle of waste dumping, the messand the costly and time-consuming drives up and down to landfills.

For the best and most efficient waste removal solution, call WM Waste today on 1300 WMWASTE or 1300 969 278.

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