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How Improper Waste Removal Can Have Negative Consequences

Jan 04, 2019

Waste is continually on the rise in Australia, which makes it increasingly important to ensure we are disposing of it properly. Not using the right bins, or the right services to remove your waste can have serious effects not just on our environment, but the quality of life for your local community.

Waste can be classified into different groups: hazardous or toxic (discarded medications, batteries, pesticide containers, spray cans), recyclable (paper, metal, glass) and organic (food, garden, kitchen waste). Each type of waste has its own recommended method of disposal, and not following these recommendations can have a negative effect on the world around you.

  • Human danger

Not disposing of rubbish correctly can have a serious effect on the health of people in more ways than one. For those who live near landfill or waste disposal sites, improper waste disposal can lead to various health issues, which include skin irritations, blood infections, respiratory problems, and even reproductive issues. Hard waste irresponsibly left on the side of the road can become potential traffic hazards and cause danger to residents, children and pets walking past.

  • Landfill gases

Some paper and plastic materials are incinerated at landfill sites, releasing harmful gases and chemicals that make their way to the ozone layer. Decomposing waste has a more immediate negative effect on humans, releasing harmful dioxins and methane gases into the air that we breathe. A secondary danger that puts nearby communities at risk is that landfill gases emitted by decomposing waste are potentially explosive.

  • The spread of life-threatening diseases

Flies, rats, mosquitoes and other well-known carriers of diseases live and breed in landfills and sewage sites. Rats and other pests feed on the food waste found at landfills and carry diseases such as salmonellosis into areas where people live.

  • Water contamination

Hazardous materials not only have negative effects for soil but for groundwater as well. Groundwater is used for many things, from watering local fields to bathing, and in some occurrences, drinking. Toxic liquid chemicals can trickle down into the ground and into water streams affecting the water supply that is used to water agricultural produce and drinking water. This also finds its way into the ocean where it can cause harm to marine life.

If you’re concerned that you’re not managing your waste as responsibly as you could be, contact WM Waste Management today.

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