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Your Guide To Recycling Green Waste

Sep 08, 2017

Many Australians are still lagging behind the efforts of other countries’ commitment to responsible recycling, which is very important and typically easy to do once you start choosing to do it as part of your everyday routine.

This is what you need to know about green waste, what to do with it, how to recognise it and what happens when recyclable products end up in landfills.

1. What is green waste?

Unfortunately, not all Australians are aware of what green waste comprises. It includes all waste products that are 100% recyclable. Every household in Australia has waste products right this moment, which are considered green waste and which, if not removed by a waste management company, will end up in a landfill, where it doesn’t belong. Examples of green waste include garden waste and food.

2. Why should green waste be recycled?

Sustainable Gardening Australia, a non-profit organisation committed to recycling green waste, announced its findings of a study recently, which show that 180kg of green waste is produced by a single household in Australia every year. Since methane gas is emitted from unrecycled green waste, every year 15.3kgs of methane gas will be released into our atmosphere from only one household.

3. How is green waste recycled?

Australia has several green waste processing sites in which the waste is treated appropriately. It is put through grinders and then covered with thermal material in which it is processed at 55 degrees for a few days. The final composite is then sold to garden nurseries, councils and landscapers around Australia to be used as a soil improver. Only good things come from this, as you can see.

4. What’s included and excluded from being considered “green waste”?

Only 100% recyclable waste is considered green waste, which includes garden waste such as twigs, leaves, clippings and small branches. Items to be excluded are all plastics, stones, rocks, flower pots, paper and treated timber. If you are uncertain what green waste is, you can always call a waste management service company and ask if that item can or can’t be included as green waste.

5. How can green waste be removed easily?

The simplest, most efficient and effortless way to remove green waste is to hire a skip from a Melbourne waste disposal services. They will come to you and deliver the skip of your desired size and return on a stipulated date to retrieve it and take it to the appropriate facility. This makes recycling an easy task that all Australian households can do without a fuss.

Now that you have the facts, we hope that you encourage others to start recycling so that we can be proud of our country and keep it clean and environmentally-friendly for generations to come. Share this with people you know and perhaps we can get the ball rolling and start making Australia one of the cleanest countries on earth.

For more information about how to remove your green waste, contact one of Melbourne’s most experienced waste removal companies, WM Waste, on 1300 969 278.

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