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How To Combat And Avoid Illegal Dumping

Apr 24, 2018

Did you know that litter and street cleaning among local councils in Victoria costs the government on average almost $80 million every year? This begs the question: if people stopped littering and dumping illegally, how much more could our local government do with that money for education, healthcare and so on?

Litter and illegal dumping is in the hands of regular Australians – and this is how you can combat and avoid illegal dumping:

  • Be conscious of your waste

When you have a picnic or party, is it absolutely necessary, albeit convenient, to use plastic forks, plates and knives? What happens to these items once the party is over? These are recyclable, so investigate how you can bin them responsibly. Moreover, consider being more conscious about the plastics you purchase. This in itself can make a huge difference.

  • Throw away your cigarette butts

Besides the damage the ash from a lit cigarette butt can cause, have you considered how unsightly these butts look on our streets and in our parks? Did you know that cigarette butts make up half the litter in the country? By simply binning your butts, smokers can cancel half of Australia’s litter problem. Also, butts end up in storm drains and can harm our marine life.

  • Manage your dog’s mess

In Victoria alone, dogs produce over 90 tonnes of waste. Many pet owners fail to pick up their dog’s faeces, which causes a massive problem among our parks and in our cities. It is not only unsightly, but their mess can contain roundworm, which can infect both humans and other animals. This is why it’s so important to use the bags provided to you at many parks around Victoria, and to ensure that you put any animal waste in the respective bins.

  • Use your leftovers

You can do two things with your food leftovers: one, you can be creative and make a new dish from it; or two, you can get rid of it by using it as compost for your garden. There are commercial companies all around the country that would gladly take in your food waste products and use it for composting, which will add great value in becoming a ready, useful new product. Consider using this option instead of simply throwing it away.

  • Be active

By being actively involved in the effort to end litter and illegal dumping, you can play a major part in overcoming the issue. You can call someone out when you see it or just educate those around you.Or, if you are willing to put in the time, you can participate in mass clean ups. There are tonnes of waste on our beaches. Get the family involved and teach your young ones the importance of recycling and keeping our wonderful country clean and safe. Check online for projects and groups in your area and become an active recycler today.

If you need professional help, there are responsible waste removal companies available to help with your refuge.

Contact us for professional and responsible waste removal today.

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