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The Best Apps To Help Your Recycling Efforts

Apr 06, 2018

In Australia, although many of us have become more aware of recycling in the past couple of decades, there is still a lot that we do not know or practice – for example, where do we throw away a tin can or where do we recycle old paper?

An innovative way has come about, in which apps can help you learn more about recycling and increase your efforts.

Here are the best apps you should know about recycling so that you are never stuck wondering what you should do with your waste:

  • Local Councils

Your local council might have a dedicated app just for recycling which you could make use of. Around the country, many councils have created apps; in Melbourne, Maribyrnong City Council is leading the way. There are also options to donate funds to help your local council invest properly in this innovation to keep Australia clean.

  • Recycle Right

The Western Australian government, focused particularly around Perth, has gone the extra mile in helping citizens recycle responsibly by creating the Recycle Right app. It provides GPS locations to help you locate your nearest recycling facility, such as for recycling batteries, harmful waste products as well as car parts you no longer use. It also provides useful information about the hazards of batteries.

  • Sustain Me

This must be the number one app you should download because it’s the easiest to use. All you have to do is tell the Sustain Me app what you want to recycle and it will advise you what to do with it, as well as where to go to deposit your waste products. This app has made huge advancements in garden refuge. What’s more, it reminds you when you need to put out your bin for collection.

  • Food Apps

Love Your Leftovers is an amazing app that gives you excellent ideas on how to make use of the leftovers you have and turn them into delicious new meals.

Yume is another app that will help us prevent throwing away food that could be recycled. You can see what type of food you can actually recycle or add to a program that helps produce fertiliser.

With these apps, you will always have a point of reference to ensure that you recycle your food and general waste properly. Make use of these apps and be proud to be a contributor to a cleaner Australia.

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