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How To Avoid Australian Landfill Overflow: Better Quality Recycling

May 29, 2018

China’s recent move to stop importing mixed recyclable rubbish means that Australians are sitting on way too much waste.

With local demand for recycling their waste, councils have been forced to process more materials and in order for China to accept them, they must be of high quality.

Of course, to cope with this new higher demand, several councils have decided to increase garbage collection fees by up to 40%. For example, the City of Bayside has hiked fees from $92 to $324, while Boroondara residents will have to pay $405 instead of the previous $56. This cycle will persist until there is a sustainable local market for recycled materials.

In the meantime, the Municipal Association of Victoria has been seeking new contracts with waste management and removal companies to allow services to continue. That means that we’re on board to help cope with the new demands.

So what can you do to help work towards a better solution for everyone?

  • You are limited by what (and how much) you can put in council bins. So declutter your space and ask WM Waste Management for help. We can make it a little easier for you by supplying rubbish skips, walk in bins and other bin hire solutions.
  • If you have a backlog of e-waste of hard rubbish, call on us to remove these items that will not only help de-clutter your home, but also responsibly recycle or remove them. Whether you’ve got old computers or TVs, couched, mattresses or anything else taking up too much space in your house, we’ll handle it for you.
  • Implement the regular removal of garden waste materials for organic recycling. We can pick up and take your green waste to a green recycler and have them produce quality garden mulch from the materials.

WM Waste Management offers reliable and friendly services, and we are 100% committed making the Australian environment a healthier place to live.

We are actively involved in the drop off and collection of rubbish skips, as well as recycling and transporting both hard rubbish and green organics. Let us know how we can help you in this current situation. Contact us today!

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