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Australia’s Fifty Million Tonnes Of Waste!

Jan 30, 2018

The stats are in and it’s an appalling reality Australia has to face in which we create 50 million tonnes of waste every year. This waste is going directly into our landfills, which can reach our waterways and affect our lives in many ways.

According to the recently released statistics, it shows that since the population of Australia has grown to more than 24 million, so has the waste. If you work this out on average, each person is contributing about 2 tonnes of waste per year! This is quite staggering and it’s scary to imagine that we are all a direct cause of this.

But there’s still hope.

You could always do something to help curb this growing waste problem facing Australia. Here are some examples:

  • Join a group in your neighbourhood

Speak to your neighbours and establish a waste management group in which you all participate to bring down the waste production facing the country. Proper and efficient recycling is the first part you should consider.

  • Bring about awareness

Speak about these statistics and the problems we face on an ongoing basis. Go on Facebook and share your thoughts. Get the word out there about the importance of recycling.

  • Hire a waste management company

Waste management companies in Melbourne will come to your house with a bin of any size you need and remove all your waste – plus dispose of it correctly.

According to these statistics, waste has increased by 170% from 1996 to 2015. This number is incredibly high. Due to this, state governments have imposed levies in the aim to decrease waste production. For example, NSW charges a levy of $133.10 per tonne of waste (metro), Victoria $60.52; South Australia $57 and Western Australia $55. With these levies, it has brought about an incentive for people to consider their waste production more seriously. Nobody wants to be charged large amounts for their garbage, right? These are some of the measures the government has taken to curb the inflating rate of waste products in the country.

To participate and be a proud Australian citizen, continue recycling and getting rid of waste in a clean proper way. A great place to start is by contacting an expert waste management company, who can do the job for you.

For more information or for help with your waste solutions, get in contact with us on 1800 969 278 today.

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