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How Australians Can Get Through A Potential Recycling Ban

Feb 27, 2018

Can you imagine a world where you are forbidden, by law, to recycle any recyclables that you have? Well, if not for a $13 million package from the state government, we could have well been looking down the barrel of a recycling crisis on the back of restriction put in place by China.

Having come so close to this situation, we look at how to deal with a potential recycling ban.

Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food can result in you having an almost empty recycling bin at the end of every day.It has also been found that shopping only for the things that you need leaves you with fewer things to recycle.

The Source Bulk Foods, for instance, has banished packaging on all of their products in an effort to cut down waste from items being bought.

Use Reusable Water Bottles and Keep Cups

It is a personal decision and responsibility to reuse water bottles and keep cups. Choose to change these little aspects of your life that will make a huge difference in the end.

A local Hawthorn resident has already committed to a life without waste. The young lady advised fellow residents to start collecting all their rubbish and storing it in a box, so that they can become aware of just how much rubbish is gathered without even noticing.

Use All-Purpose Products

Buy all-purpose products such as all-purpose household cleaners and all-in-one hair products that can be used to wash and condition.

This will cut down consumption because it will mean getting one bottle that can do it all, instead of multiple bottles with one purpose only.

Join a Community

There is no smooth transition between going from being an individual that doesn’t know how much waste is in their recycling bin, to suddenly being a “zero-waste” person.

That is why there are growing initiatives that teach and support people into adopting this lifestyle.

A Facebook group called Zero Waste Westies has been formed to connect residents, with the aim of encouraging and supporting each other in their efforts to cut down their waste footprint. The group has more than 800 members.

Reduce Paper

Everything these days is available electronically. Take some time and unsubscribe from all mailing lists that you may be on, and ask that you receive communication via email.

Also, it’s time to opt for online magazines or newspapers to avoid using any type of paper.

By considering these points, you’ll be well to deal with a potential recycling ban should it be put in place in Melbourne.

For additional recycling ideas or more information about waste solutions, contact us anytime.

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