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6 Reasons You Need A Skip Bin

Jul 05, 2018

We all have that one area around the house that is the junk pile. Filled with old magazines, newspapers, damaged bicycles, pieces of wood you were going to “use for something”, your grandmother’s old carpet, furniture you were going to repurpose and any number of bits and pieces no-one wants. The junk pile slowly gets bigger each year. To clear it all out, you’re looking at a few dozen trips to the dump, so it’s tempting to put it off until next year. But you don’t need to wait; you can hire a skip bin!

Imagine how quickly you’ll get the job done if, instead of loads of trips to the dump, you can just toss all the items straight into a skip. A skip makes sense, but just in case you’re not convinced, here are six more reasons you need a skip:

1. It’s time for a spring clean

When you’re going through the entire house and getting rid of a lot of stuff, your wheelie bin just won’t cut it. You’ll be delayed by the need to empty it constantly, and the council collection only happens once or twice a year. Make spring-cleaning easy by hiring a skip. If you choose one that’s 2m x 3m it will accommodate up to 8 wheelie bins worth of junk.

2. You’re redoing your garden

You can’t get into the flow of a garden revamp if you’re always heading out to the dump with loads of garden waste. Save time and money by hiring a skip so you can finish the job in one weekend rather than over several!

3. You’re renovating

Dust, debris and rubble come standard with every renovation, but if you’re living in the home you’re renovating, they can add up to a whole lot of stress. By hiring a skip, you can ensure that there’s minimal debris lying around the renovation site. A clean site is both easier to work on and safer for all involved.

4. You have just moved house

Moving house is a great opportunity to get rid of old furniture and declutter your life. Hiring a skip bin will help you settle in faster and keep your stress levels down. It can also be used to get rid of packaging from new furniture and old moving boxes.

5. You need an affordable and quick waste collection and removal option

Whether you’re cleaning up or renovating a home, or need to clear out a large amount of rubbish from your office, waste collection and removal can get very expensive. The most affordable and sensible solution is to hire a skip, which will be delivered to your home or workplace and emptied by the service provider. That means more money in your pocket, and you save time too!

6. It’s the environmentally friendly thing to do

When you’re renovating or decluttering, you probably don’t have time to sort glass from paper and plastic from metals. If you hire a skip from a reputable company, they’ll sort the contents of the skip for you once it’s been collected and dispose of them responsibly so you can throw things out without the guilt!

Whatever you need a skip for, you can rely on WM Waste to provide quality skips in the perfect size for your needs. Get in touch today to speak to one of our expert consultants, or get an instant quote for a skip bin online.

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