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In every family home, there is one area – be it an attic, room or closet – that inevitably ends up getting filled with unwanted and unused things.

Old clothes, broken toys, odds and ends of tableware, faulty keyboards and outdated magazines are just some of the things that end up being collected. Some of them can be given away, but others have no value other than a sentimental one and are hard to throw away.

A survey into Australians and clutter revealed that most Australians have at least one room in their house that’s cluttered, with a significant percentage stating that the clutter makes them feel embarrassed and is a source of conflict in the home.

Many people put off cleaning out these dumping grounds because they lack the time to do so. Others have been putting it off for so long that they aren’t sure what they’ll find. A big factor in these cases is often the shame associated with things you’ve hung on to. And until you can find a way to get rid of the clutter easily, conveniently and discreetly, in the closet, attic or room they will stay.

Most homeowners could benefit from a thorough decluttering, and many find that the negative anticipation of the process is worse than the process itself. Research shows that decluttering can have untold mental and physical benefits, giving you more living space and adding to your peace of mind by allowing you to know where everything you need actually is.

If the concept of clutter is all too familiar with you and you’re ready to declutter, a great solution would be to get WM Waste to assist you. We can discretely place a walk in bin on your property, allowing you to cart off clutter yourself, away from the prying eyes of passers-by and nosey neighbours. Once you’re done, the skip will be picked up and its contents disposed of.

Getting rid of clutter isn’t easy, but with WM Waste is can be much easier than you thought possible. Contact us today if you’re ready to get started!