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We all know by now that plastic poses a threat to our oceans, to sea life and ourselves. But despite the outspoken vocal awareness campaigns in Australia, we are still in danger, so it’s time to get real — and practical.

At the current rate of global plastic production and disposal, there will be more plastic in the ocean by 2050 than fish. We have to keep recycling, but in certain applications, it’s just not enough.

Single-use plastic items are particularly problematic, and straws are one of the worst offenders for the following reasons:

  • They are too lightweight to go through mechanical recycling sorters.
  • They drop through screens and are disposed of as garbage.
  • They can be blown out of overfilled skips or transport vehicles.
  • They are left as litter after picnics or beach visits.
  • They end up in gutters and storm drains, all of which lead to our oceans.

Campaigns like #StopSucking or The Last Straw have done a lot to raise awareness, but the problem remains. We must keep up our recycling efforts, but many Australians insist that straws must go out of production and use with immediate effect.

That’s why Woolworths has announced that they’ll stop selling plastic straws by the end of the year. This move will take 134 million plastic straws out of circulation in Australia annually.

Meanwhile, scientists are awash in data and are working hard to figure out how to save our seas.

WM Waste Management is committed to protecting the environment and helping you to process, recycle and transport rubbish for responsible recycling. We urge you to do your bit in Melbourne and stop buying, requesting or using plastic straws.Contact us today for any further information.