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The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan launched on 12 October 2016 is intended to address the city’s waste and resource recovery requirements in the coming years. In order to accommodate the expected growing population of Melbourne, the Victorian government has set out a strategy for managing waste and recycling to be implemented over the period of 10 years. With an increase in population growth comes the concern of how to sustain the living standards of a world-class city.

The vision and design of the Plan is aimed at encouraging the development of innovative technologies that can make effective use of household waste as well as create alternative waste processing facilities. It is the desired aim of the Victorian authorities to stop substantial volumes of waste landing up in existing landfill sites.

This visionary plan focuses on four key areas:

  • Reducing waste aimed at landfills to eliminate the need for new dedicated landfill sites.
  • Increase the amount of organic waste that is currently being recovered.
  • Using waste recovery as a means to deliver community, environmental and economic benefits.
  • Planning to allow for and accommodate Melbourne’s growing population.

The new waste management plan will also support Melbourne’s organics network through the targeted recovery and processing of 600,000 tonnes of food and garden waste from local homes and businesses. The organic waste will be utilized as compost aimed for farms, gardens and council use.

Waste as a valuable resource

Lily D’Ambrosio, Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, believes that waste can be more than just a problem. Seen from a different perspective, waste could provide a valuable means of resource. There are other benefits in addition to increasing recycling levels so that pressure on existing landfills are reduced. Infrastructure development and new industries could open up avenues to creating new job opportunities.

At WM Waste we are excited by any initiative that supports greener living and a cleaner Melbourne. It is why we focus so strongly on delivering a reliable, professional and superior level of service to Melbourne’s residents and business communities. We offer highly sought after services in waste removal, bin hire and mattress recycling.