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There’s a reason why moving house is listed as one of the most stressful life experiences you can have; it involves organising everything from paperwork, packing, cleaning and herding the family. We understand that the act of moving house can quickly begin to feel like a momentous task, which only adds to the frustration and stress.

To help make your moving experience slightly more manageable, and hopefully a little less stressful, we’ve put together a handy timeframe you can consult as you’re getting closer to Moving Day.

Two months before M Day

Things should be on the quiet side by this stage, which means you can start getting rid of all the belongings you don’t need. Think about donating before you throw away things you don’t need. Getting rid of clutter leaves you with the necessities that are ready to pack.

After you’ve decluttered, it’s a good time to start gathering boxes. There are plenty of places from which you can get free boxes, think supermarkets, liquor stores etc., and if you have to, you can always buy some at a moving supply company.

Six weeks before Moving Day

This is a good time to go through another round of sorting, especially in terms of the bigger items in your household. Getting ‘Keep’, ‘Donate’ and ‘Throw away’ designations for items will quickly help you to realise what your packing needs will be.

One month before Moving Day

Now’s the time to start getting long term items into storage, and start throwing away the bigger items and giving the house a thorough clean, if only to make sure you don’t leave any valuables behind. Hiring a skip is a great way to get rid of all your mess in one go, and it’s delivered to your door, and taken away at the specified date.

Getting rid of all the clutter leaves you with a house that’s easy to pack, making your moving day that much more manageable. If you need a skip for before moving day, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our wide range of skip types are guaranteed to help you get rid of moving waste, and make Moving Day manageable.

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