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Were you aware that hard waste items such as tyres, household garbage, recyclable goods, car batteries and motor oil can have damaging effects on our environment?

Soil absorbs the toxins emitted from pollution, producing unhealthy plants, which can have a direct impact on our farming and agriculture. Without a working agricultural system in Australia, many sectors of our economy would be affected. It just takes a bit of thought before disposing of your hard waste.

For this reason, we always try to inspire all Australians to consider recycling. With proper education, everyone will know what hard waste you can put out for collection.

Hard waste you CAN put out:

  • Household goods

Household goods such as carpets, which must be rolled up and not exceed the length of 1.5m; we also accept furniture, mattresses and bed bases. If you have porcelain, glass or mirrors, put them out, but be sure to label them each.

  • Outside goods

It is acceptable to dispose of items such as fencing not exceeding the length of 1.5m, and it is perfectly fine to dispose of timber that is not heavier than 50kg and no longer than 1.5m.

  • Technology

Dispose of your technology properly, such television sets, computers, old laptops, printers and monitors.

The following metals and whitegoods CAN also be recycled:

  • Bathtubs
  • Heaters
  • Car panels no longer than 1.5m
  • Stoves, washing machines and air conditioners
  • Metal tools
  • Mowers
  • Scrap metal

How to dispose of your hard waste:

  • Firstly, get in touch with a professional waste management company.
  • Then, ensure that you put your waste out by 6am.
  • Make sure no cars are blocking your rubbish
  • You should separate your material into three distinct categories:
    • Hard rubbish
    • Green waste
    • Metals

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