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Melbourne’s Number One Hard Rubbish and Green Waste Removal Service

In life, we are sure to eventually replace things in our home. Whether it’s a piece of furniture like a lounge suite, a fridge that’s running poorly, or something else. Getting rid of some of the larger objects from our homes that we no longer want or need can be a real hassle. Or perhaps you’ve got an excessive hoard of greenery that’s a result of cutting back your garden after too many years of neglect. Either way, we are here to solve your hard rubbish and green waste removal problems.

WM understands that solid waste management and the removal of trash are invaluable services, and we are incredibly proud that we can provide it to the local community. That’s why we have been supplying a Hard Rubbish and Green Waste Removal service throughout all of Melbourne and Yarra Valley areas service 1985. The experience that we have in garbage removal provides us with the knowledge and expertise to do what we do to a premium level.

Because this beneficial service consists of transporting bulky household items that cannot be accommodated by traditional council bin services, we are sure to make your life much easier. WM proudly provide effective hard rubbish and bundled green wastes to many councils across Melbourne. As mentioned, we will also happily collect white goods, fridges, mattresses, furniture, televisions, and any other larger items that are otherwise difficult or problematic for removal.

Depending on the removal services your council has in place, green and hard garbage collections can either be booked or scheduled depending on your specific area needs.
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For the most effective Rubbish Removal Melbourne has to offer in its eastern suburbs, please feel free to contact us via our online enquiry form and we’ll respond hastily. Alternatively, for the full range of skip bins and ‘Walk In’ bins for hire, visit the ‘How to Order’ page, send us an email or call one of our friendly customer service staff on 1300 969 278 (1300 WMWASTE).