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The constant rise of technology has led to humankind enjoying access to an incredible range of electronic devices. Even better, as the devices become more sought-after, they have also become cheaper, which means we can afford to have more of them.

However, there is a dark side to this abundance. In our drive to constantly have the most cutting-edge device, we tend to generate a lot of electronic waste, or e-waste as it’s commonly known.

This type of waste can have serious negative consequences on our planet, if left unattended. So, to help you make the best possible decision when it comes to e-waste, this is what you can do about it:


The main reason why e-waste is so dangerous, is because the average electronic device contains plastic and various types of metals that take hundreds, if not thousands of years to degrade, if they at all.

Seeing as we have various electronic devices at our disposal, which we constantly replace, it is important to find a recycler that is licenced to deal with e-waste in an effective and responsible way.


Chances are that if you like to keep up to date when it comes to electronic devices, that you will have some lying around that are still functional. Before you think of throwing these devices away, rather consider donating them to those in need.

This is more than giving someone who can’t afford a device, you are giving someone access to the wealth of information on the internet as well, or a way to organise their lives so that they can possibly rise above their circumstances.

Support recycling efforts

The amount of e-waste clogging up our landfills is a major concern, which is why we should all help to spread the news about e-waste recycling. Seeing as so many people have devices they don’t use, creating awareness among your friends and family is a great way to start a movement towards more robust recycling efforts.

If you need more information about e-waste recycling efforts, or want to know where you can dispose of your e-waste in a sustainable manner, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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