WM Waste Management Services

At WM Waste Management Services, we recognise the need for all companies both large and small to take a role in protecting the environment for the future.

Due to the nature of our business activities, we are aware of the constant need to monitor and promote environmentally responsible practices, to this end WM Waste Management Services pledge to:

  1. Take a leading role in the waste management industry by setting an example of environmental management excellence.
  2. Set and monitor objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement of our environmental performance.
  3. Comply with applicable legal requirements and cooperate with public authorities to ensure that contingency procedures-to both prevent environmental incidents and limit the impact of any accidental discharges– are established, maintained and updated.
  4. Adopt all new industry standards and where possible exceed them, by economically viable application of the best available technology.
  5. Take measures to reduce resource consumption, protect the environment and prevent pollution.
  6. Foster a sense of responsibility for the environment among employees at all levels.
  7. Train all staff on best business practices.
  8. Ensure that all contractors meet our high environmental standards.
  9. Endeavour to supply information to our customers on the proper handling, use and disposal of products and services provided by WM Waste Management Services.

As Managing Director, I pledge to provide the necessary resources that are required to implement this policy.

Authorised by Mark Jeffs, Managing Director on 30 June 2017.