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If you’ve recently moved, renovated or finally made progress on that major decluttering project in your home or garden, you’ll know that it feels good to sort out what is essential from what isn’t, and to throw all the junk into a skip, knowing it’s bound for recycling.

But at this stage, some waste removal companies aren’t able to deliver or collect a skip unless you’ve applied for and received a permit from the council. Why? Because a skip can’t be parked on what the council considers public property without an official permit, you need to get the required paperwork before you do anything else.

What is public property?

This could include the end of your driveway if it extends beyond your perimeter into a road, or even just outside the bounds of your property onto nature strips or walkways between your home and the street.

Unless you have an ample space inside your property to park a skip, the chances are you’ll need a permit to place it temporarily on public land. Each council has their own charge for use of public land which can be a daily or weekly charge. These charges range from $30/day like the Frankston City Council to $170 for a 5-day maximum permit from the City of Whittlesea.

Find below a link to the respective information for your local council:

In most Melbourne council areas, the permit must be obtained by a registered skip bin provider. With WM Waste, not only can you order a skip online, but we’ll even take care of all the paperwork your local council requires. When we deliver your skip, all the necessary council permit paperwork will be taken care of. We’ve been in the business for a long time, and know how to keep the process flowing without delay.

If you are looking to start renovating or are just de-cluttering your home, why not hire a skip bin. You’ll be helping the environment whilst also helping yourself. Contact us today to arrange your skip bin hire.