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Cleaning out your garden can be a massive job and can create an enormous amount of waste. Then there’s the bigger job of getting rid of the waste. Most people take it to the dump or overload their green waste bin, but this is not the most effective or environmentally-friendly way.

So, we’ve got you covered with the best ways to get rid of your green waste efficiently and eco-friendly:


Compositing is the most eco-friendly way of disposing garden waste. Through composting, garden waste – combined with food waste – is turned into compost and other soil materials, which is then reused to help grow other plants and foods.

Green waste skip bin

Hiring a green waste skip bin is really the most convenient and efficient way of green waste disposal. All you have to do is hire a skip bin or organise for a waste removal company to come and collect it for you.

With a skip bin, you have far more room for your waste then the green bins supplied by your local council.

Skip bins range in size from 6m³ to 8m³ and are sufficiently large to accommodate waste from large gardens.

Whatever amount of garden waste you have, hiring a garden waste to skip bin is the best way to dispose of it. With a reputable waste removal company in Melbourne, you can count on your garden waste being disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

The most important thing is to make sure that you’re not putting your green waste in the general rubbish bins. Be sure to use the correct methods as mentioned above via composting or green waste skip bins to allow the proper recycling process to occur.

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