What Can Go In Bin?

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What Can Go In Your Bin?


With so many different options for hire, it’s important you select the one that best suits your waste removal needs. Figuring out what can go in your rubbish skips is the first important step.


Providing unrivalled service in rubbish skip and bin hire in Melbourne for over 24 years, WM supply our range of products and services to suit all manner of waste removal and rubbish removal needs.


See below for what we will and won’t accept in our bins:

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Waste Management


What we DO ACCEPT in our bins:

  • Wood
  • Plaster
  • Tin
  • General household trash
  • Green materials and refuse
  • Tiles
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Soil

Mattresses are deemed ‘extras’ and their removal will be charged as an added expense on top of the original price.

What we DON’T ACCEPT in our bins:


As we aim to help provide Melbourne with the least possible environmental impact, WM will not collect rubbish skips containing:

  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals or any liquid waste
  • Paint
  • Oil
  • Any type of food material
  • Tyres and Tree Stumps


If rubbish skips are overloaded, they will be deemed unsafe to carry. (These units can only be loaded to water level – as high as the bin sides.)

For more information on handling dangerous waste products, please visit the site: www.epa.vic.gov.au


By offering unrivaled choice in rubbish skip and bin hire Melbourne – from Skip Bin hire to large walk in bin hire – WM Waste Management allows effective solid waste management and recycling that is specifically targeted to each client’s varied needs.


Waste removal services we supply include:


Rubbish Hire: drop of and collection of rubbish skips.


Skip Bin Hire for Any Size Need: our rubbish skips range in size from 2-23 cubic metres.


Lower Rates on Concrete and Soil: reduced rates for the individual waste removal of 100% concrete or 100% clean soil.


Walk In Skip Hire: also known as “Roller Bins”, walk in bins are readily available for hire.


Solid Waste Management: from green waste to concrete, coil and tin, WM recycle all forms of hard waste.


Knox Transfer Facility: to improve solid waste management, WM established the fully-operational “Knox Transfer Station” – a one-stop recycling facility and recycled goods shop.

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