Find Out How You Can Help Waste Management Agencies Recycle More Effectively

The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) expects that by 2042 the city of Melbourne will be generating 63 percent more waste than it does currently. The group also doesn’t plan for any extra landfills, instead, it is prioritising resource recovery and diverting organic waste for repurposing.

This means that recycling will become a much larger part of bin night, and ensuring that the right materials are in your yellow-lidded bin will become very important. At this time, around 12% of the materials placed in bins are in fact not recyclable, and this contamination means that a large amount of recycling ends up in the landfill, instead of going to the plant.

By ensuring that the materials you place in your recycling bin are the correct type, and are free of contaminates, you can help the country’s recycling objectives, and also help out the environment.

Here are some pointers for you to follow when sorting waste for the recycling bin:

  • Don’t put it in plastic bags. Recycling plants operate at speeds that prevent workers or machinery from opening plastic bags to ascertain their contents. This means that even if you put a plastic bag full of aluminium cans in your bin, it won’t make it to the plant.
  • Clean it up. Recyclable containers that have leftover food in them, are not recycled. Luckily the solution is an easy one: you just have to rinse out food and drink from these retainers before throwing them in the bin.
  • Get the info you need. Some councils are very strict about what recyclables and organic material they accept in their yellow-lidded bins. It’s best to contact them directly to find out which materials won’t be recycled.

If you ensure that the right material is placed in the bin, you can help waste management agencies recycle or repurpose a much larger amount of waste, which isn’t just good for the environment, it can also help give the economy a boost as well, through better compost and even providing energy.

To find out more about what recyclables you should put in your bin, or for more information about effective waste management strategies, contact us today!

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3 Advantages Of Skip Bin Hire You Should Know About

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life where they will be faced with more waste and rubbish than they know what to do with, like after an annual spring cleaning session or major renovation project. And as you’ll know, there is nothing worse than a gigantic pile of trash that you have no idea how to start cleaning up or dispose of. Thankfully, you have some options. Hiring a skip bin could be the answer to your problems.

Here are 3 different advantages to hiring a skip bin you might not know about…

  • IT’S EASY AND AFFORDABLE – If you thought that skip bin hire was only an option for big businesses, you could not be more wrong. Anyone can hire a skip bin should they need one. In fact, the process is as easy as going online, filling in a form and getting a quote. You’ll soon find that skip bin hire is much more affordable than you would have thought.
  • IT’S GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – We all know how to sort plastic from paper and glass. But what about things like broken tiles and discarded furniture? And what about dug up soil and shrubbery from the garden? Certain skip hire facilities can provide you with dedicated skip bins for the removal of solid and green waste. Some even offer discounts on skip bin hire for these items!
  • IT’S CONVENIENT – When we upgrade to new furniture/appliances we give the old ones away. But when those items aren’t fixable and are too large to be taken away during council pickup they end up gathering dust and taking up valuable space in our homes. In these circumstances, you can hire a walk in bin and literally cart or trolley your junk in without breaking a sweat.

With so many advantages to hiring a skip bin, you’ll come to realise that you can do so much more than before with one at your side. If you’ve ever held back from tackling a big project due to the waste it would create, you now have a fool proof solution to your waste management problems.

New Waste Management Plan For Melbourne’s Metropolis

The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan launched on 12 October 2016 is intended to address the city’s waste and resource recovery requirements in the coming years. In order to accommodate the expected growing population of Melbourne, the Victorian government has set out a strategy for managing waste and recycling to be implemented over the period of 10 years. With an increase in population growth comes the concern of how to sustain the living standards of a world-class city.

The vision and design of the Plan is aimed at encouraging the development of innovative technologies that can make effective use of household waste as well as create alternative waste processing facilities. It is the desired aim of the Victorian authorities to stop substantial volumes of waste landing up in existing landfill sites.

This visionary plan focuses on four key areas:

  • Reducing waste aimed at landfills to eliminate the need for new dedicated landfill sites.
  • Increase the amount of organic waste that is currently being recovered.
  • Using waste recovery as a means to deliver community, environmental and economic benefits.
  • Planning to allow for and accommodate Melbourne’s growing population.

The new waste management plan will also support Melbourne’s organics network through the targeted recovery and processing of 600,000 tonnes of food and garden waste from local homes and businesses. The organic waste will be utilized as compost aimed for farms, gardens and council use.

Waste as a valuable resource

Lily D’Ambrosio, Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, believes that waste can be more than just a problem. Seen from a different perspective, waste could provide a valuable means of resource. There are other benefits in addition to increasing recycling levels so that pressure on existing landfills are reduced. Infrastructure development and new industries could open up avenues to creating new job opportunities.

At WM Waste we are excited by any initiative that supports greener living and a cleaner Melbourne. It is why we focus so strongly on delivering a reliable, professional and superior level of service to Melbourne’s residents and business communities. We offer highly sought after services in waste removal, bin hire and mattress recycling.

3 Ways A Reliable Rubbish Removal Service Can Save You Time

Are you tired of being nagged to death to clear the household rubbish that has become an eyesore in your front yard? Maybe you’ve become unpopular with the neighbours and have been subjected to dirty glances. You’ve been meaning to get to it but there is so much more on your to-do list that you just don’t have the time.

Granted no one really enjoys clearing household rubbish. There is so much more you could do with that time like watch your favourite sport or enjoy a drink at the pub with your mates. Luckily with the professional and reliable attention of WM Waste in Melbourne, you can get on with other more exciting activities while we take care of the rubbish.

Here are just 3 ways in which we can save you time and stress and help you mend fences with the neighbours:

  1. Proper vehicles to transport rubbish

We take great pride in being an efficient and professional waste removal company. We have the right type of vehicles to effectively remove all types of household rubbish in just one visit.

  1. We do all the heavy lifting

As a reliable rubbish removal service, we have suitable equipment to safely and responsibly load heavy unwanted household items onto our vehicles. Our service eliminates backbreaking work and the risk of you injuring yourself.

  1. Efficient and well-organised processes

We endeavour to provide you, our valued client, with the most convenient and efficient waste removal service in Melbourne. We have friendly staff on hand who have a solid understanding of the different types of household rubbish and green and hard waste that need to be removed as well as any recycling needs you may have. Trusting in an established name in the industry saves you time. Book your waste removal appointment today.

As an Australian-owned business WM Waste in Melbourne continues to be inspired by protecting the beauty of Melbourne and the safety of all of its residents. We offer additional services in rubbish skips and bin hire.

Rubbish, hard waste and green waste can be taken directly to Knox Transfer Station for processing and recycling.

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