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Improper waste management is not just limited to Australia alone but is a worldwide concern. Even though waste management and recycling are not new trends, we can step up our efforts to reduce waste that ends up in landfill sites. Australian households can take steps to reduce waste management and implement effective recycling methods to reduce waste disposal. Here are a few inspiring waste management and recycling trends that are gaining traction in the industry.

  1. Sorting out waste

Thanks to the efforts made in the waste management industry, many households have become aware of how sorting out household waste can be enormously effective in protecting the environment and communities. In addition to every householder making the concerted effort to sort through rubbish and remove what can be recycled for recycling, there have been technological advancements made in the processing of sorting out waste where machines can separate the different recyclable materials at recycling plants.

  1. Better regulations in regards to the use of polythene and plastics

Certain materials such as polythene and plastics are not recycle-friendly and have a negative effect on soil and water penetration that have resulted in flooding in certain parts of the world. Worldwide policies are being drafted to discourage the use of polythene and plastics. A better alternative to these materials are biodegradable paper bags.

  1. Going paperless

Digitalisation has given the growing trend of going paperless a major boost. The less paper that is used, the less that is thrown away or recycled. Cloud storage solutions and digital communication methods such as emails have taking over from traditional paper archives and letters being posted.

Waste management and recycling trends will only gain in momentum in the future as more and more communities become aware of the vital importance of protecting the environment and reducing the waste that end up disposed of in landfills. WM Waste is proud to be a top Melbourne service provider offering environmentally friendly alternatives to getting rid of waste safely.